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Institutional-grade Infrastructure
Your Trusted BaaS Provider

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

UD blockchain infrastructure. Let you focus on application development
Build blockchain solution faster and simpler with minimal resources

With Institutional-grade infrastructure, ample network, professional engineers and developers, we help to build your blockchain solution with fast, simple, and minimal resources and investments. Put your business on chain today.

All blockchain solutions, from blockchain ecosystem, network, projects, protocol to dApps, all included in our services.

  • Public Blockchain
  • Private Blockchain
  • Hybrid Blockchain
  • Blockchain Node
  • RPC Node
  • Validator Node

UD Your Trusted Blockchain Solution Partner
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Blockchain InfrastructureDeploying blockchain is just like deploying cloud instances. From interoperability to scalability to transaction speed, we have everything for you.UD offers one-stop solutions to build blockchain ecosystem and network, from engineering, infrastructure to development. Enterprises can choose to build different types of blockchain according to their own business needs.
Build Private Blockchain
Private Network & Database

A private blockchain is a closed blockchain and trusted network which is permissioned to join the network. Only permissioned person are able to update information on private chain.

Private blockchain offer you high controllability, high privacy, fast transaction speed and lower cost. It allows you to build ecosystems and applications in a regulated environment

It is commonly used within organization to automate and simplify complicated administration and transaction processes leveraging smart contracts.

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Build Public Blockchain
Flexible Ecosystem Construction

A public blockchain is a decentralized distributed network which is permissionless to join the network. Everyone can update information on public chain.

Building own public blockchain allows you to enjoy flexibility and attract likely-minded developers to contribute in an open-sourced environment when developing a ecosystem.

Successful public blockchain are Ethereum (EVM-based) / Cosmos (CosmosSDK-based) / Solana / etc.

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Build Hybrid Blockchain
Reap the Benefits of Private & Public Chain

Normally, a hybrid blockchain is the combination of private and public blockchain. It is a private blockchain built with the infrastructure of public blockchain.

You may enjoy the benefits of private blockchain such as transaction acceleration, low gas fee, and at the same time bridging aggregated data to public blockchain.

It is commonly used for:

  • Hybrid IoT
  • Global finance and trade
  • Banking and insurance
  • Consortium
  • Supply chain
  • Governments
  • Enterprise services
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Blockchain Node Provider
Blockchain Node Hosting Management
Your Blockchain Cloud

Available for any development and running blockchain protocol and application. You can enjoy:

  • Flexibility: Scale computing power according to your needs and budget
  • Cost Savings: Avoid heavily invest in hardware
  • Performance: deploy you application around the world and create low latency and better experience to users
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RPC Node Hosting Management
Dedicate for blockchain projects, applications (dApps) and protocols

Your dedicated node directly connected to blockchain. You can enjoy:

  • Accelerate transaction Speeds, stable and reliable
  • Enhance successful rate of sending request to blockchain
  • Scale blockchain applications/projects to serve wider audience
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Validator Node Hosting Management
Setup blockchain node and become validator

Participate in blockchain and validate transactions. You can enjoy:

  • Earn staking rewards
  • Avoid slashing mechanisms.
  • Contribute to blockchain decentralization

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Why UD?
Institutional grade blockchain infrastructure
From web2 on-premise and cloud server to web3 blockchain infrastructure, UD institutional grade infrastructure providing fast and reliable services, is the best option for you to build blockchain projects. We help to build your own blockchain ecosystem and network. Our expertise will choose the most appropriate chain based on your business needs.
Cross-chain ready infrastructure
Increase interoperability and compatibility to scale with audience
Support Multiple Blockchain
Reap the potential benefits of different blockchain (public & private chain). We help you scale at ease.
Finance-grade Security
Our High Security Tier (Tier III) Data Centre and team of 20+ years cybersecurity experts can provide total protection for your node and assets.
Stable and Scalable Network
Having 99.99% Uptime guarantee and 24/7 technical Support, we guarantee your node will always be online, ensuring a stable environment for developers. Our scalable environment can provide consistent service to support the growth of your user base.
Premium Network (Global & China)
Covering global CDN network and CTGNet GIA with high speed, stable and premium bandwidth to offer low-latency services. We guarantee your users around the globe a fast and fabulous experience.
Our team of blockchain expertise include full stack developers, engineering and business development came from financial sectors, experienced in building different blockchain projects. Focused on both infrastructure building and application development, we are here to help you adopt changes in this ever changing blockchain world and embrace all the business opportunities and unlock the potential.
Flexible Payment
You can rent a node in monthly/project basis and pay with cryptocurrency or fiat

UD Blockchain Infrastructure

Let You Focus On Application Development

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