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Leona's Book Recommendation: The Hard Thing About Hard Things What are the hiring techniques of successful CEOs?

Last time we talked about the two types of CEO, WarTime CEOs, and PeaceTime CEOs. Does it mean that PeaceTime CEOs are not good enough? How do you evaluate this?

The last episode discussed that the WarTime CEO seems very strategic, while the PeaceTime CEO is not doing anything. In fact, we would like to bring out PeaceTime CEO's skill set does not seem to work when there is a war.  

In a war environment, in fact, you need a general who is ready to fight, not those who point out and discuss on paper, so it is essential for PeaceTime CEO and WarTime CEO to know whether they are by nature a company that likes to face exciting challenges or systems. Plus it is important to distinguish what environment the company, the industry, the city, and the country are in at the time. CEO can't run a company with a PeaceTime mindset if the industry is in a high-tide environment.

Ben Horowitz also mentioned the importance of hiring people with The Right Ambitions. It means that the person you hire has a level of ambition that is consistent with the company. When your company has a certain size all the people who come to the interview, the CV must be very presentable. Choose a person with ambition at the end who wants the company and himself to be good together, not the person who is the springboard for the company.




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