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UDomain Web Design special offer - save up to HK$8800. Remove Flash contents and maintain security

Basic Package at HK$9999 only. First 10 users registered for this offer may get on-top early-bird offer worth HK$1800



The popular multimedia player Adobe Flash Player will cease to service from Dec 31, with world renowned major web browsers Chrome, Firefox, Edge & IE announced its end of technical supportIf you have put Flash contents on your website, it is time for a major revamp!
What is wrong with Adobe Flash Player?
No longer supported by major web browsers (IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox)
Hackers can exploit its security loopholes and steal data
Complex programme codes consume more computer resources
Why choose UDomain to revamp your website?
User confidence: Non-visible Flash contents look like big holes in your website, which greatly damage the interface
Responsive website: revamp your site into a mobile friendly one to improve user experience and sales
Online shopping trend: build an all-rounded and up-to-date website to respond to the steady increase in online shopping demand and attract new customers
Cyber security: we help you thoroughly remove security-fragile Flash contents to keep hackers away
UDomain Exclusive Web Design Offers Packages
Basic package: HK$9,999 (Original price $12,888)
Advanced package: HK$16,888 (Original price $23,888)
Early bird offer: first 10 users registered for this offer may get website & email hosting service worth HK1,800 FOR FREE (Offer valid until Jan 31, 2021. Act now!)
7GB storage space
MySQL database
5 email accounts


Basic package




Package features
Tailor-made: 5-page responsive web design ready to browse on mobile devices
Website maintenance: 5 free edits of website in the 1st year (original price: HK$5000)
1-year website & email hosting: 7GB stroage space + 5 email accounts


Now at HK$9,999 (Original Price $12,888)
Offer valid until Jan 31, 2021. Act now!




Advanced package




Package features
10-page responsive web design
Switch between Chinese & English
Content management system(CMS)
Product catalogue
Latest news
Social media (e.g. Facebook) sharing function
Photo album
Successful case studu
Product search system
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Google analytics function
One-click redirection to Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp
Content management system(CMS)
SMTP server to ensure smooth email delivery
SSL certificate
SEM keyword search ads


Now at HK$16,888 (Original price $23,888)
Offer valid until Jan 31, 2021. Act now!




Besides the 2 packages, UDomain also provide tailer-made professional web design solutions that fulfill requirements of UI & UX with a wide range of functions. Our web design specialists offer 1-on-1 service illustrations as well. Offer valid until Jan 31, 2021. Find us now!




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