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New UD Metaverse Event Solution - Tap Into Metaverse Market With UD

Host your metaverse event to enhance branding and sales.

Hosting metaverse events has become a new trend of promotion. The metaverse is a new virtual space for business to offer immersive experiences to their communities: 3D exhibition, virtual concert, live wedding ceremomy, augmented reality shopping etc. Through these activities, you are able to drive target audience to your homepages or engage them for further promotion. With UD Metaverse metaverse event solution and a series of value-added services, you can host various events in the metaverse to boost sales and marketing without all the hassle of buying virtual land.


Host Your Events at UD Metaverse Venue

UD professional team helps you integrate physical and virtual business. Our exclusive virtual land in the Decentraland is the perfect venue for events, alongside an array of related blockchain-based services (e.g. NFT Membership), enterprises can host virtual activities to extend brand awareness, enhance engagement with target audience through better digital experience and explore ample business opportunities in web3.

  • ・Exhibition
  • ・Marketing Event
  • ・Festival
  • ・Marketplace / E-shop
  • ・Cinema
  • ・Game
  • ・Live Concert
  • ・Networking Event

Special offer

From now til 31 October, join our UD Metaverse plan, enjoy 20% OFF*!
See your events come live in the Metaverse!

UD Metaverse Service Scope

Metaverse Stage Theatre




Key Features

  • ・Indoor Theatre/Outdoor Show
  • ・Stage Video Streaming
  • ・Music & Lighting Effect
  • ・NFT Stage Pass

Metaverse Exhibition




Key Features

  • ・NFT Exhibition/ Brand Showcase
  • ・Exhibition Area/Gallery
  • ・NFT VIP Pass

Metaverse E-Shop




Key Features

  • ・Product Display
  • ・NFT VIP pass
  • ・Crypto Payment Setup
  • ・NFT Stage Pass

Event Period : 7 days

Venue Size : 2x2


*Terms & Conditions: Promotion valid until 31 August 2022 | Customers must complete order payment on or before 31 August 2022 in order to get promotion offer | The quotation of The Sandbox upon request | UDomain Web Hosting Ltd. All right reserved.

Watch UD Metaverse Demo

Valued-added service

We provide an array of blockchain and NFT solutions to help you unlock the full potential of the metaverse.

  • ✅ Tailor-made event design
  • ✅ Interactive Chatbot with AI
  • ✅ NFT verification
  • ✅ Virtual Assistance
  • ✅ Mini game development

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