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Crypto Inscriptions 101: Ordinals and Bitcoin NFTs

Recently, Ordinals project has attracted widespread attention. But did you know that the technology behind Ordinals is called "crypto inscriptions"?

In the cryptocurrency market, the recent emergence of the Ordinals project has attracted widespread attention. It has amazed people with its unique way of combining mathematics and NFTs. But did you know that the technology behind Ordinals is called "crypto inscriptions"?



What are crypto inscriptions?
Crypto inscriptions are a relatively new technology. They are essentially metadata labels that can be attached to satoshis (the smallest units of Bitcoin), just like adding a stamp or seal to physical currency. These embedded data can be text, images, files, or even smart contracts, opening up a wide range of applications in the world of cryptocurrency.


The utilities of inscriptions
The innovation of inscriptions brings many advantages to the cryptocurrency field:

Enhanced flexibility: Inscriptions provide a way to extend the functionality of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, enabling them to be applied to a wider range of use cases, such as NFT issuance, dApp development, and data storage.

Enhanced security: The tamper-proof nature of inscriptions makes them a secure choice for storing sensitive data, preventing data from being maliciously modified or deleted.

Reduced costs: Inscriptions can reduce the cost of storing data on the Bitcoin blockchain, as they can effectively compress and organize data, and can be managed automatically through smart contracts.


Use cases of crypto inscriptions
The uses of crypto inscriptions can be summarized into three main aspects:

Creating unique digital assets: Inscriptions can be used to embed unique data into satoshis, creating unique digital assets. These digital assets can represent artworks, collectibles, game items, or any other valuable virtual assets, and can be traded and transferred through the security and transparency of blockchain.

Ordinal Inscriptions and the Bitcoin NFTs based on it are a good example. It allows users to attach any data to specific satoshis on the Bitcoin blockchain. This makes Ordinal Inscriptions a tool that can be used to create and manage a variety of different assets, such as artworks, collectibles, in-game items, and so on.

Building decentralized applications: Inscriptions can be used to store data and configuration information for dApps, making them more efficient and reliable. Through inscriptions, dApps can store key information on the blockchain and keep it tamper-proof over time, thereby enhancing the security and transparency of applications.

SATS is a decentralized application (dApp) built on Bitcoin that uses inscriptions to store application data and configuration information. Through SATS, applications can easily store data on the blockchain and ensure the security and immutability of data. The creators of SATS hope that through SATS, developers can build decentralized applications more easily and users can use these applications more securely.

Storing sensitive data: The tamper-proof nature of inscriptions makes them an ideal choice for storing sensitive data. For example, medical records, contract text, or other personal data can be embedded in satoshis and stored securely and tamper-proof through the security of the blockchain.

In the healthcare field, inscriptions can be used to store patient medical data and ensure the security and privacy of these data. Through inscriptions, healthcare institutions can store patient data on the blockchain and ensure that these data can only be accessed by the patient himself or authorized personnel. This will help protect patient privacy and ensure the accuracy of their medical data.


Notable Crypto inscriptions projects
In addition to ORDI and SATS, there are many other projects exploring the potential of crypto inscriptions. Here are some projects worth paying attention to:

Trust Machines: Founded by a team dedicated to researching and developing crypto inscriptions technology. Their goal is to develop Bitcoin Layer2 and expand the Bitcoin ecosystem. They have developed a series of tools and libraries that can help developers apply inscription technology to their projects. These include Console and Leather Wallet.

OpenOrdex: An open-source Bitcoin NFTs (Bitcoin NFTs) market based on the Bitcoin blockchain. Its core technology is Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions (PSBT), which allows users to sign part of a Bitcoin transaction without having to sign the entire transaction. This allows users to host their NFTs on the OpenOrdex platform without having to worry about losing control of their assets.


Crypto inscriptions are a technology with revolutionary potential. It is expected to bring new possibilities to the cryptocurrency field. As the technology continues to develop, we can expect to see more innovative use cases.


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