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Web Hosting Solution Case Study: Shiseido x Mirror’s Festive E-card

UD Dedicated Cloud Expert & Server With The Best Network To Deliver Warm Seasonal Greetings

Shiseido x Mirror’s Festive E-card

Shiseido has collaborated with popular boy group Mirror’s Anson lo, Edan Lui and Ian Chan to launch a festive e-card campaign last Christmas to engage its customers. Participants can create personalized e-cards and send seasonal greetings to their loved ones and get limited discount promo codes for the latest skincare and cosmetics products. A website has been launched for this campaign with hosting solution supported by UD.

Client Background






  • The brand’s top priority is to deliver a unique and smooth consumer experience. With the popularity of the stars and immense support from the brand’s loyal customer, we foresee a huge number of fans will participate in the campaign, it is necessary to strengthen the network and server support to cope with the large volume of traffic and keep the website up and running.
  • As the campaign consists of various procedures, such as choosing several customizations of e-card, inputting email address, confirmation, file download etc, alongside animation and audio features, high performance system is required.
  • It is essential to strength the security to prevent DDoS and other potential cyberattacks.
  • The client lacks cloud expertise for managing this project.

UD Solution

  • Dedicated cloud server for web hosting service where the resources of the entire server are solely allocated to client to maximize performance and flexibility.
  • UD CDN, DNS, WAF and DDoS protection service.
  • 24/7 professional team for server monitoring and crisis support.


Maintained website stability that ensured smooth user experience

High security level to prevent cyberattacks

Professional support to handle ad hoc situation

2 Keys to Success

  • 1. Premium network to boost speed and stability

    UD offers the up-to-date server hardware that are connected directly to HKIX with over 100Gb+ local bandwidth, with 99.99% uptime guaranteed. Speedy and stable connection ensures smooth experience for your users.

  • 2. Round-the-clock service to work with clients in different time zones

    There are various parties involved in this social media campaign, including client’s web developer and programme developer. As the point of contacts are located in Canada and the Mainland China respectively. UD offers round-the-clock professional service, and arranges dedicated manager to follow up with our client, so we are able to overcome the time zone issue. We maintained efficient and effective communication with clients, as well as providing 24/7 technical support.

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