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New Entertainment Kingdom In The Metaverse Swiftly Built In A Month

One-stop blockchain NFT solution, UD takes care every step of the project.

An entertainment enterprise is keen to seize business opportunities in the metaverse. With UD one-stop NFT business solution, they have successfully built the next generation of business and entertainment kingdom in the metaverse in one month. The enterprise has issued NFTs and then established its own tokenomics and DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to bring customers a one-of-a-kind leisure and entertainment experience, while creating new revenue stream.

Client background




One-stop blockchain NFT solution

New entertainment kingdom in the metaverse
swiftly built in a month


“With UD’s experience contributed in this NFT projects,
we have achieved unprecedented success.”

CEO of the entertainment enterprise


Oversubscribed NFT

  • Launched 7,000 NFTs
  • Pre sale recorded 10 times oversubscribed
  • Sales reached HK$40 millions

Create innovative consumption model

  • E-shop opened in the metaverse
  • Issue token and built tokenomics
  • Boost revenue effectively

Build decentralized platform

  • Interacted directly with customers
  • Increased community engagement

Agglomerate customer base

  • Keep contact with community via Discord
  • Launched promotion to target audience effectively

Leading trend of the industry

  • Adopt DAO model as a way to leverage blockchain technology
  • Built pioneer image

One-of-a-kind entertainment experience

  • Hosted various events in the metaverse
  • Bring new experience to the customers

Grow and develop sustainably

  • Maintain brand exposure and expand core community

Consulting services > Strategic planning > Technical development > Solution deployment >
UD takes care every step of the project

Key to success


Experienced blockchain business team

Create the most favourable business model

The expert team led by To Cheung, UD founder and cryptocurrency investor, has rich background of blockchain technology, as well as extensive experience in implementing tokenization and tokenomics of different scales. We also have deep understanding of NFT market. Therefore, we can suggest the most suitable and feasible business model for our client, and successfully help them transform from web2 to web3 to obtain the maximum profit.


One-stop solution featuring planning, deployment, promotion

Deliver solution efficiently and effectively

UD team consists of cryptocurrency consultants, blockchain technology developers, network security experts, creative designers, etc. This project starts from scratch, from consultation, planning, design, development to management. The team works closely to deliver best-quality projects with the highest efficiency and help client seize market opportunities.


All-round technical support

Continuous development + Follow-ups

Blockchain technology is still in the early stage of development. During the preliminary layout, launch and after the launch, the project encountered different technical issues, such as cryptocurrency payment system, discord BOT application, as well as hacker attacks. Though the client has no technical background, UD team is familiar with the operation of blockchain project. With our professional technical support, the issues are resolved. The team also keeps monitoring and responding to emergencies to ensure the project run smoothly.

UD one-stop blockchain NFT solution

Before project launch

  • Provide web3 NFT business model strategy and tokenomics design through consulting services
  • Craft roadmap and whitepaper
  • Set up Discord server
  • Set up NFT trading platform OpenSea and Rarity
  • Smart contract development
  • Official website development

After project launch

  • Host whitelist event
  • Launch promotion (AMA, KOL collaboration)
  • Discord community management
  • Mint NFT
  • Execute roadmap and issue token
  • Build headquarter in the metaverse
One-stop Blockchain NFT Solution Consult Experts

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UD team of professional blockchain and security experts provide a diverse array of solutions to help enterprises leverage blockchain technology to accelerate business growth in web3. From consulting service to technical development; business matching to solution deployment, we will guide you every step of the way in the transformation journey.

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