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DeFi Solutions for Business
Enter the New Economic Systems

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Solutions

Tap into financial sectors of Web3 through variation of DeFi solutions

From business model, infrastructure, development to security, UD end-to-end solutions are prepared for your business transformation.

Embrace blockchain technology and be competitive in the tech-savvy environment. Seize the opportunities and potential of DeFi with UD. Consult our experts today.

The rise of blockchain technology and smart contract is taking over traditional financial market

  • Real time transaction
  • No fraud chargeback
  • No KYC & AML authentication procedure
  • Secure and tamper proof
  • Low transaction cost
  • Globally
  • Without middleman

UD Your Trusted Blockchain Solution Partner
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UD DeFi Solutions
Blockchain Node & Security Service Provider (BaaS)
Best Hosting for DeFi Protocol and Platform
As a BaaS provider, we offer institutional-grade infrastructure with a global low-latency network (Global CDN & CTGNET GIA) and security for your dApps. While we handle the infra & security part, you can focus on application development and optimization.
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DeFi Application Development
For business new to blockchain technology
  • Define Business Ideas & Business Models
  • Infrastructure Setup & 7x24 Technical Support
  • Blockchain Application & Smart Contract Development
  • Blockchain Security (Node / Network / Application)
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Matching of Traditional Financial Sector and DeFiIntegrate blockchain and web3 technology into your financial services step by stepWe help you provide decentralized financial services to fulfil your customers’ financial services needs in a faster and more efficient way
Yield Farming
Allow customers to earn cryptocurrency by providing liquidity to the market, through forming or participating in Liquidity Pool
Staking Smart Contract
Allow customers to earn monetary or non-monetary rewards by staking cryptocurrency or NFT in a smart contract
Lend & Borrow & Derivatives
NFT Collateral Platform
Collateralize NFT for liquidity
Leverage Smart Contract
Allow customers to trade and invest borrowed cryptocurrency through a smart contract
Token Swap Network
Allow customers to exchange tokens between parties instantly without middleman (eg.USDT to ETH)
Cross-chain Token Bridge
All customers to transfer tokens between blockchain instantly without middleman (eg.Polygon to Cosmos)
Blockchain consensus
Inter-blockchain communication (IBC) is a protocol allowing customers to swap token between blockchain
Payment Platform
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Payment Platform
Help business to receive cryptocurrency from customers around the globe
Private Chain & Multi-Chain
Leverage smart contract and the characteristics of blockchain, immutable, decentralized, transparency, consensus to build a single source and algorithmic database to enhance operation effectiveness.
Initial coin offering (ICO), Whitepaper & Tokenomics
Launch your own cryptocurrency and reach out to investors borderless
Vesting Smart Contract
Allow entities to lock and distribute purchased tokens automatically in a certain timeframe through a smart contract. It is widely used for seed round and private sales.
Cryptocurrency and NFT Launchpad
A platform for customers to launch their cryptocurrency and NFT
Why UD?
We help to build your own blockchain ecosystem and network, covering private chain, public chain, hybrid chain, multiple chain to rpc node. Our expertise will choose the most appropriate chain based on your business needs.
Institutional Grade Blockchain Infrastructure
From web2 on-premise and cloud server to web3 blockchain infrastructure, UD has been providing fast and reliable institutional grade infrastructure services for years, is the best option for you to build DeFi projects.
Finance-grade Security
Total protection for your on-chain assets with High Security Tier (Tier III+ Standard) Data Centre
Premium Network (Global & China)
Covering global CDN network and CTGNet GIA with high speed, stable and premium bandwidth to offer low-latency user experience
99.99% Uptime Guarantee
Build in a stable environment & 24/7 Technical Support
Blockchain Security
Apart from infrastructure with finance-grade security, UD also offered 24x7 fully managed blockchain security services featuring both traditional and blockchain-based security controls, covering regular scanning and penetration testing. We have protection covering all layers of the technology stack for your DeFi projects, protocols or platform.
Our team of blockchain expertise include full stack developers, engineering and business development came from financial sectors, experienced in building different blockchain projects. Focused on both infrastructure building and application development, we are here to help you adopt changes in this ever changing blockchain world and embrace all the business opportunities and unlock the potential.

UD Blockchain, your DeFi Expertise

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